Friday, October 5, 2007

Mathematical Modeling

We spent the first part of class finishing up the review problems and answering any questions about the test material. Be sure that you correct and review all of these problems for your test Wednesday.

After the review problems we introduced Mathematical Modeling, the process of analyzing and interpreting data. We learned the process for graphing statistical data, as well as finding the Linear Regression line for any set of points. Remember, when looking at a linear regression line you use the correlation coefficient to determine how exact your line fits the given data. The closer to 1, the better the fit. If you need a review of how to graph this data on the calculator click the link to the right.

For this weekend you need to do some research on the exponential growth of the Starbucks franchise. You should use the link on the right and navigate through until you find the Company Timeline. Read over the timeline as it gives interesting information. As you go through the information create a table of growth since the first franchise. Your first year will be 1971 when the first Starbucks opened in Seattle. Start this year as 0, and continue up from there. Notice that there will not be a number for every year, so only include what is given in this timeline. We will use this data next week!

Have a nice LONG weekend!

Coming up:
- Homework: Create a table of values for the year and # of Starbucks stores at the end of that given year.
- Test will be Wednesday October 10th!

Posting for Points:
Where was the first Starbucks? Are you a Starbucks fan?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Test Review

Today we reviewed the material that will be on your test this coming Wednesday. Please remember that this test will be cumulative!

Tomorrow we will begin looking at new material that will not be expected for the test.

Coming up:
- Test on Wednesday October 10th
- "Midterm" coming up on October 17th

Posting for Points:
What does it mean if you find the fog and gof of two functions to both equal "x"?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Inverse Functions

Today we went over your assignment from page 99, dealing with inverse functions. We got through most of the assignment but you should all work on your given problem for homework.
We will go over these tomorrow (you will be the "experts") and then we will go over your review assignment.

I have decided that the test will be moved to WEDNESDAY, October 10th. Please begin studying now because we will move on to new material starting Monday!

Coming up:
- TEST: Wed. October 10th (remember that the test is cumulative)
- No Homework, but begin studying!

Posting for Points:
What is the BEST method for determining if one given equation is the inverse of another inverse equation?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stuck in the Airport

I am stuck in the airport until late tonight but just wanted to remind you that you should have both Monday and Tuesday's assignments done by tomorrow. If you have not done them already, be sure to finish them tonight!

See you tomorrow!

Coming up:
- Both assignments due tomorrow (from Monday and Tuesday)

Posting for Points:
Who has the worst luck with flying?