Friday, September 21, 2007

Second Test!

Today was your second test!! Everyone seemed to do well as I glanced through them. From now on you can come here to find out what we did in class, as well as what assignments you should be preparing for. I will also post notes and examples here occasionally so you should check this often.

Have a great weekend!

Coming up:
-We will begin looking at transformations of functions Monday (section 1.6)
-Your next test will be 2 weeks from today (Friday, October 5th)

Posting for Points Question:
From now on you will find a question here each day relating to new material learned in class. You will post a comment in response to the question and recieve 1 point for a correct answer. It will be required that you answer at least 3 each week!

For this weekend just submit a comment and say HI!