Thursday, October 11, 2007

M&M Data

Today you guys split up into groups and took data on 10 fun size bags of M&M's. You should have taken data on several variables including: weight of bag, # of M&M's per bag, # of each color, etc.

In class you completed a set of questions dealing with the graph of the Weight vs. # in each bag, and found the regression line for this data. We will discuss this data tomorrow, and use the Starbucks data to create another plot.

Coming up:
- No Homework for tonight, unless you did not finish your Graph in class
- Midterm next week!

Posting for Points:
What does the correlation coefficient tell us about a graph?


wkeller said...

The correlation coefficient tells up how accurately the line of best fit represents the data on the graph.

mary-f said...

it gives us a way to be able to see the data more acurately