Thursday, October 25, 2007

St. Louis Arch

The St. Louis Arch equation has been found. First we found the equation using our original method discussed in class yesterday (using the vertex to find the standard equation, and then solving for "a"). Then we introduced using Matrices to solve a quadratic equation. This was a brief introduction to Matrices, as we will spend an entire chapter on them next semester, but it is important that you see how useful they can be for solving Systems of equations and Quadratics.

If you were not in class you should visit the website on the right to see the steps in solving a Matrix.

We also analyzed these two equations (one from each method), and discussed the importance of "a" in the equation, and why the vertex is almost irrelevant! It all depends on exactly how you set up the graph, but you will always have the same parabola, as long as your "a" is the same. The other numbers just give you the transformations!!!

Have a great time at the Fall Festival!!!

Coming up:

- If you were not in class you should complete this worksheet (just numbers 1-6)

- Tomorrow we will use these same techniques to find another famous arch!!

Posting for Points:

Can you think of another famous arch? (Think fast food)